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World Rugby should re-look at the laws of the 7s rugby – Campese

Renowned 7s rugby experts have voiced a compelling call for World Rugby to reassess the laws governing the sport.

Emerging from the illustrious gathering of seven experts in Hong Kong, comprised of former Wallabies and All Blacks players, there is a resounding consensus that the rules of 7s rugby warrant a thorough review.

Notably, among these revered figures is David Campese, widely hailed as the “father of the goose step.” With over two decades of invaluable experience in rugby, the 52-year-old Campese offered sage advice during the momentous 7s meet in Hong Kong.

Expressing his sentiments, the former Wallabies player emphasized the need for World Rugby to introduce changes to the laws governing 7s rugby.

These proposed alterations aim to inject greater excitement and dynamism into the sport, making it more captivating for both players and spectators alike.

Campese’s advocacy is echoed by fellow rugby luminary Eric Rush, distinguished for his contributions to both 7s and 15s rugby as a former All Blacks player. Rush, alongside other experts, underscores the urgency for the governing body to take prompt action.

Their collective aspiration is for the proposed changes to be implemented as expeditiously as the next leg of competitions.

With hopes pinned on World Rugby’s responsiveness, there is optimism that these concerns will be duly acknowledged.

By heeding the voices of these esteemed experts, it is anticipated that 7s rugby will undergo a transformative evolution, emerging as a faster and more captivating spectacle in the years to come.


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