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Weightlfting Congratulations

Today the Women’s +74kg Weightlifting competition took place at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre attracting many spectators to see the world’s female lifters contesting for the hopeful medal prospects. Our very own Sioe Haioti who is trained by Paul Coffa in Samoa at the Weighlifting Institute almost had the bronze medal on the plate but ineffectively could not achieve to lift the 131kg that she could easily lift during her trainings. Kiwi contender Keisha-Dean Soffe took out the bronze medal while Sioe ranked 5th. Sioe lifted remarkably well and she won the hearts of all the audience’s positive support to do her best. 16 year old potential athlete (self-trained in Niue and assisted by Coach Speedo Hetutu), Narita Viliamu astoundingly lifted a personal best in the Snatch. As for the Clean & Jerk, although she blacked out during her last lift she still proved to us all, her determination to succeed in this amazing sport is just a beginning ranking her overall 8th out of the 11 competitors. At such a young age, Narita can only improve and develop with the top guidance of a good weighlifting coach for her to compete in future events. Well done to both girls and congratulations on both your courageous efforts.

Shooting Competition – GCL (Shotgun Range)

Niuean athlete Sionbelle Togiavalu competed throughout three days in the Men’s Trap and Men’s Double Trap for the qualifying rounds challenging top contenders within the Commonwealth participating groups. This is the second Commonwealth games for Sionebelle after last competing in Manchester 2002 where he was ranked 14th in the men’s Skeet pairs with Morgan Magatogia, 28th in the men’s skeet scoring 53 points and 35th in the men’s trap scoring 68 points.

Day 4 – Athletics buzz for Billy Paea

This morning where the athletics was held at the MCG, our only solo Niuean athlete, 24 year old Billie Wallbridge-Paea, competed in the Men’s 100m 1st Round – (Heat 4). Personal best time for Billie in the 100m is 11 seconds flat. Billie ran a time of 11.28 seconds in the second lane and ended the thrilling race ranking 7th in the heats beating 8th place getter, Vanuatu athlete Robert Nidithawae. England competitor Mark Lewis-Francis won the heat running a time of 10.20 seconds.

Day 4 – Boxing Competition

Super Heavyweight +91kg representative for Niue, Star Tauasi, was overpowered this evening at the Melbourne Exhibition centre by Ghana boxer Haruna Osomanu in an inflexible decision by the referee resulting 15:14 in points. Star received endless support from the uplifting and positive crowd booing the outcome in the end.

Day 3 – Niue beat Kenya in the Men’s Triples for Lawn Bowls

Amongst all their scheduled games for today, it was a tight finish for the Niue Men’s triples classification games to beat Kenya.

Day 2 Competition – Rugby Sevens

The Niue Rugby Seven’s team today competed in the Bowl Quarterfinal against Kenya. Kenya defeated the 11 man Niue team from Niue resulting in a 21 – 5 final score. The try from Niue was by Matt Faleuka and the Conversion was unsucessful by Afele Leona. The boys performed well and ended their farewell by showcasing the Takalo in front of the supportive and cheering crowd.

Day 2 – Lawn Bowls heats

Today the Men’s and Women’s triples games continued as well the Men’s and Women’s pairs. In the women’s triples – our niue reps, Liline Hewett, Janet Pihigia and Anne Strickland played tremendously well against their opponent Wales however were unsuccessful to achieve a winning set.

Day 2 – Boxing Competition

hale fired up

This evening our 32 year old Niue Representative Haleonehetou Atutolu, fought in the heavyweight 91kg boxing category against Kenyan boxer James Wasao. Hale last competed and represented Niue in Fiji 2003 at the SPG games. Hale was defeated during the second round due to the difference in points. This is his first boxing bout at the Commonwealth games. James Wasao will challenge in the quarterfinal next week his Australian opponent Bradley Pitt.

Day 1 Competition – Rugby Seven’s

Today the Niue Rugby Sevens team competed against three tough teams in their Pool B category – Scotland, Fiji and Canada. The team played well considering all the commotion that had been going on prior to the teams departure to compete at the 18th Commonwealth games.

Day 1 Competition – Lawn Bowls heats

lawn bowls team concentrating

Lawn bowls today competed in the Women’s triples, Men’s Triples and the Women and Men’s pairs Preliminary Groups. The athletes played extremely well considering its thier first time to compete at the Commonwealth games. I commend their efforts and commitment towards the training leading up to the events.

Opening Ceremony

Today was the opening ceremony for the 2006 18th Commonwealth Games held here in Melbourne. Our Niue team looked beautiful wearing yellow and blue depicting our National colours. All the officials and athletes walked out proud waving to the roaring and cheering crowd with our little Niue flags made by Sally Ikinofo. Our President of NISANOC and his wife were seated near to the Queen and they enjoyed the view from above. Although it was a long opening ceremony it was fantastic to be part of the whole electrifying atmosphere and also meeting up with the famous athletes around from the different countries and exchanging badges. Niue team marched behind Team New Zealand. This has to be one of the most memorable experiences most of the team members have been involved in. Go Team Niue!!!

Team Niue Flag Raising Ceremony

This afternoon Team Niue including three other nations held their flag raising ceremonies within the Commonwealth Games Village complex.

Niue Melbourne Commonwealth team 2006 Ready to roll

star and hale

Counting down two more days before the opening of the 18th Melbourne Commonwealth Games, the Niue representatives are all here and preparing for the competitions to begin.

Commonwealth Federation General Assembly Meeting

PI delegates with Prince Edward

The Commonwealth Federation General Assembly Meeting was held at the Sofitel Melbourne Hotel. The delegation from Niue was CMD and Secretary General, Mr Alan Tano Puleosi and Moira Talagi.

Newport Lakes Primary School Entertainment

jo and nakita-rayne

The Niue Lawn Bowls team today attended an invitation hosted by the bubbly excited students and staff of Newport Lakes Primary School.

Niue Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Team

Niue Commonwealth team

Part of the Niue Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth team are already in Melbourne staying at the Games Village preparing for the big Games that will commence on the 15th March – 26th March 2006.

Our Representatives who will be competing at the games.

Contact Information for team Niue:

Commonwealth Games Association (CGA) ONOC Office 3
Telephone: (03) 88557469
Fax: (03) 88557470
CDM (Chef de Mission) mobile – 0418577028
Please contact between the hours of 6am – 11pm to the centre.

Team Mail:

Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Athlete’s Village
Residential Zone – High Country (HC)
Mr/Mrs/Ms (Name)
Team (Name of Nation)
Team – (Sport)
GPO Box 5852
Melbourne VIC 3001

2006 Niue 7’s Rugby Parade – Wellington

Niue 7's rugby team

At 12:45pm (NZ local time), Lambton Quay drawed lots of 7’s rugby supporters and fans to spectate and welcome the teams participating for the 7th year at the Wellington IRB Rugby 7’s Tournament that will take place 3rd – 4th February 2006. Niue supporters were also out in spirit wearing their warm yellow colours cheering on our Niue Team.

Niue team:

Rick Tagelagi – AKL (Coach)
Tony Kose – Niue (Manager)
Oswin Ikiua – Niue (Physio, General assistance)

Matt Faleuka – AKL
Afele Paea – AKL
Afako Laufoli – AKL
Solo Helagi -AKL (debut)
Vincent Pihigia – AKL
James Asekona -AKL
Nick Makea – AKL (debut)
Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui – Niue
Saimone Tonga – Niue
Afoa Tafatu-Hipa – Niue (debut)
Poi Okesene – Niue
Hayden Head – WLG

Niue Island Touch Tournament

tuapa touch team restin

The open men’s & women’s knockout tournament marked the opening of the touch season for 2006 with 21 teams registered for the tournament (7 women’s and 14 men’s).

Tri-Nations Golf Championship Presentation 2005


Final confirmed golf results will be posted as soon as they are submitted. Congratulations to all prize recipients.

Niue Tri-nations 2005 Golf Championship – Day 2

Concentration day 2

DAY 2 Results

Gross Winner: Tyson Tamahaga & Billy Tongahai
Gross R/up:
Nett Winner: Fuku Tongahai
Nett R/up:
Stb Winner:
Stb R/up: San Juan Talagi & Fukulagi Tongahai
N/P 8:
N/P 17 & 9 (Ladies):
N/P 18 (Men)
2nd Shot 3:
2nd Shot 12:
2nd Shot:65
Long Drive
Men & Women 5/14:
Least Putts


NAME Gross Net Stbford L/Putt
Takila 82 77 30
Jeremy 86 84 33 25
San J T 85 77 32 35
Tenny 89 81 31 30
Fuku T 82 73 34 30
Sefa 101 84 29 31
Sima 91 79 28 37
Lefu 87 79 34 25
Dalton 88 78 32 37
Ian 95 83 37 26
Stan T 83 74 37 25
Lefa T 83 74 34 31
Hale 82 74 34
Sapa 83 77 31 27
Masisi 92 80 31 34
Fai F 84 73 35 30
McMoore 86 80 28 32
Des H 84 75 35 30
Kepu 82 74 33 33
Asu P 82 73 36 32
Milo 84 78 30 31
Billy T 77 70 39 31
Tyson 80 77 34 29

NAME Gross Net Stbford L/Putt
Salanoa 104 86 23 31
Laga L 93 75 33 34
Soni L 98 78 30 34
Viliamu 97 77 32 33
Tauh 93 78 32 30
Kurt 100 85 26 34
Lihae 100 86 27 32
Willie 99 85 22 33
Tusi 104 88 25
Tuli 88 73 35 31
Jake 86 70 37 31
JWT 94 77 32 35
Mike J 99 86 26 33
Jordan 86 67 41 31
Onolima 96 78 30 33
Misi 94 79 32 31
Walker 97 80 28 32
Ben 99 80 30 36
Isatose 94 78 34 33

NAME Gross Net Stbford L/Putt
Hiva L 110 84 32 40
Sefeti 126 90 22 40
BJ T 101 79 30 29
Lui 101 79 32 30
Rennie 95 73 36 30
Teka 105 79 36 36
Toma 99 79 31
Desavu 130 90 21 36
Fiu 95 75 34 30
Morris 127 92 21 34
Rodger 100 80 32 35
Olu 101 69 41 31
BJ Rex 117 93 32 34

NAME Gross Net Stbford L/Putt
Lofa 98 79 31 28
Roz 100 78 34 31
Sonia 96 79 32 34
Doreen 98 74 36 25
Tiana 92 77 36 32
Jean 95 75 35 31
Losana 144 108 14 38
Coral 91 80 32 34
Asa 109 77 34 33
Marylou 106 80 30 24
Kalo 95 75 35 32

Niue Tri-Nation 2005 Golf Championship – Day 1

Stanley & Frank Niue Team

Day 1 Results

Gross Winner: San Juan Talagi
Gross R/up: Tyson Tamahaga
Nett Winner: Fuku Tongahai
Nett R/up: Stan Tafatu
Stb Winner: Sonia Tafatu
Stb R/up: Sefeti Fatiakai
N/P 8:
N/P 17 & 9 (Ladies):
N/P 18 (Men)
2nd Shot 3:
2nd Shot 12:
2nd Shot:65
Long Drive
M & W 5/14:
Least Putts:

Niue Golf

Name Gross Nett Stbford L/Putt
Lofa Rex 98 80 29 33 Niue
Takila 80 75 32 26 NZ
Salanoa Mautama 92 74 34 32 Niue
Laga Lavini 94 77 32 38 Niue
Simisoni Lio 106 88 25 31 Aussie
San Juan Talagi 77 69 41 29 Niue
Tenny 92 85 27 31 NZ
Tauhogofulu K 90 76 31 34 Aussie
Kurt Meyer 102 87 23 30 Niue
Lihae Falemaka 87 73 35 27 NZ
Fuku Tongahai 79 69 39 26 Niue
Willie Saniteli 92 78 30 33 Niue
Sefa Poumale 107 95 19 42 NZ
Ahohiva Levi 109 85 26 36 Niue
Sefeti Fatiakai 126 90 23 39 Niue
BJ Togahai 103 82 29 35 Aussie
Lui 99 78 33 31 NZ
R Siakimotu 102 82 28 32 Aussie
Cecil Viviani 101 78 32 30 Aussie
Roz Moala 95 73 36 33 Niue
Sima Tanevesi 94 83 29 31 Niue
Lefu Felix Hipa 89 82 28 34 Aussie
Dalton Tagelagi 91 80 28 34 Aussie
Ian Hipa 87 75 35 29 Niue
Stan Tafatu 79 70 38 30 Niue
Lefa Tongahai 83 74 34 26 Aussie
Toma Siri 100 81 30 Niue
Tusi Pahiva 101 87 25 NZ
StantonTagelagi 96 81 28 Aussie
Haletose Nemaia 82 74 34 Aussie
Sapa 96 91 24 34 NZ
Masiniholo L 88 77 31 29 Niue
Sonia Tafatu 88 70 40 30 Niue
Jacob Vase 100 86 26 34 Aussie
Fai Fuhiniu 90 80 31 28 Niue
DeSavu 126 86 36 37 Aussie
John W Tutaki 94 78 30 31 Aussie
McMoore 82 76 33 32 NZ
Des Hipa 83 74 34 31 Niue
Dorreen Kifoto 111 88 32 32 Aussie
Mike Jackson 96 83 29 32 Niue
Lordan Tongahai 92 74 37 Niue
Onolima 102 84 37 Niue
Olu Siohane 101 82 31 Niue
Kepu Kosene 86 79 29 NZ
Tiana Meyer 90 75 35 33 Niue
Asu Pulu 82 73 35 30 Niue
Misi Tasmania 92 77 34 31 Niue
Chris Walker 97 82 28 35 NZ
Jean Pulefolau 99 80 Niue
Fiu 98 78 35 33 Aussie
Losana S 130 94 21 37 Niue
Morris Tafatu 122 87 26 41 Niue
Milo Patumaka 86 81 30 31 NZ
Rodger Jackson 113 94 25 40 Niue
Ben Tanaki 106 88 29 Niue
Tyson Tamahaga 78 75 33 NZ
Billy Tongahai 81 76 32 30 Aussie
Isatose Talagi 95 81 27 31 Niue
Coral Pasisi 88 78 31 30 Niue
Asa Coe Niue
Mary Lou Hoeiki Aussie

Niue Tri-Nations Golf Championship

Niue Team

The Niue Golf Tri-Nations Championship 2005 has started on Tuesday the 27th day of December. The tournament is a competition between Niueans living in New Zealand, Australia and in Niue itself. There are about 17 players from Australia and about 12 players from New Zealand, local players numbers about 30 including lady golfers. More news will be publish later.

Queen’s Baton – Historical Sporting Event for Niue

Fernandez and Vai Models 13M

The inaugural Queen’s Baton was made for a relay to celebrate the Cardiff 1958 Commonwealth Games in Wales.

NHS Cultural Activities day with Baton – Day 4

NHS Groundman Pokere

USP and Niue High School today hosted the QBR team with lots of student work display and activities that included a few local sports demonstration and a spectacular fashion show.


The inaugural Queen’s Baton was made for a relay to celebrate the Cardiff 1958 Commonwealth Games in Wales. In the ensuing, period the Queen’s Baton Relay has developed into an endless obligated games heritage. The Melbourne 2006 Queen’s Baton Relay is the world’s longest, most encompassing relay the baton will travel to all 71 nations of the Commonwealth.

Over the past few weeks leading up to the Commonwealth Queen’s baton arrival to its 62nd destination Niue Island, the NISANOC organizing committee had held regular meetings toward preparations of the most historical event ever to take place on the Rock of Polynesia. The vision of this National body was to travel the baton to each corner of the island allowing every able residing and visiting Niuean to take part in.

Its first journey was to the origin of where sports evolved in Niue by the kings of the land. This place – “Falepipi Fatuaua Historical Site” is located in Tuapa. This site was a meeting place where decisions were put into place regarding the types of sports to be played for example the traditional sports of tika throwing, canoe racing and many others. The purpose of the Queen’s baton was to carry Her Majesty’s message to the athletes from Buckingham Palace in London to this historical site the highest of high places of sovereignty before reaching the opening ceremony.

The baton travelled from the ancient meeting place Falepipi Fatuaua to the House of Government – the “Fale Fono”. The government played a significant role in including Niue as one of the 71 countries of the Commonwealth that the baton travelled to. The Queen’s baton relay team including the NISANOC executives paid a courtesy visit to the Premier and its Cabinet Ministers and its conclusion of its visit ended with the Speaker of the House based at the Assembly Chambers.

The baton symbolises unity of all the diverse Commonwealth nations and how appropriate to take it to the sports people of our future – the children of the Niue Primary School. Their colourful celebrations included cultural and singing performances displayed by all syndicate levels. The children demonstrated their developed skills of specific sports to the Commonwealth organized by Tama Mana. The children’s energy and excitement was contagious. This excitement continued throughout the duration of the Queen’s baton visit.

To commemorate the year of the “Taoga Niue”, there was a celebration of Cultural dancing and singing that took place at the Multi-purpose hall. The Commonwealth Games not only represents Sports but also the Culture and Identity of participating nations. Taoga Niue is an advocate of the Niuean Culture and Identity. The presence of the baton acknowledges the existence of the Taoga Niue towards the preservations of our cultural identity.

To honor the celebrations of the people of Niue, Government declared a public holiday. This was the opportunity for all to be involved in the round the Island relay. The Queen’s baton commenced at the Fale Fono making its journey throughout each of the villages. The community efforts brought togetherness and united enthusiasm from the youngest to the oldest. The closing ceremony at the Commercial Centre included speeches and multicultural entertainment.

One of the final destinations of the baton was to USP and Niue High School. To give recognition to the developing athletes of Niue, the relay commenced with Narita Viliamu, a representative in Weightlifting for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games – before the baton was passed around the one and only 400m official track by all staff and students of NHS. A cultural sports display and fashion show concluded the celebrations for the up and coming athletes of Niue.

This epic journey of the Queen’s baton will always be memorable and symbolises the unity of the people of Niue.

Special Acknowledgements to NISANOC for the organization of this spectacular event.

More Updates following soon.

Round the Island Queen’s Baton Relay – Day 3

Tj & Erin Tarsha & Tiva

A public holiday today for round the island baton relay. Commencement of the relay began at the Fale fono to the Alofi South VC and continued throughout the various villages and has now ended at the Commercial Centre where more community activities continue. More updates following later

Commonwealth Queen’s Baton in Niue – Day 2

Fale Fono

The Queen’s Baton Relay Party of 4,accompanied by the NISANOC President Mr Des Hipa & his Executive Committee, paid a Courtesy visit on the Premier of Niue Hon. Young Vivian & its Cabinet Ministers at the Fale Fono early tihs morning at 9am.

The Queen’s Baton is now here in Niue – Day 1

Takalo with baton

Attention was drawn to Hanan International Airport this afternoon as the the Commonwealth Queen’s Baton finally arrived to Niue Island at 3:40pm local time.

Queen’s Baton Relay Community Update

Commonwealth Games Representatives

Counting down a few more hours before the arrival of the Commonwealth Queen’s Baton to its 62nd destination – The Rock of Polynesia.

The baton will arrive Niue on a Special Charter Polynesian Dash Aircraft at 3:30pm ETA local time. A special short welcoming cermony at the airport will take place – Monday 07th November 2005.

NRU – U21 Rugby 7’s Tournament

As part of the 31st Constitution Celebrations, the NRU hosted an U21 Rugby 7’s Knockout Tournament held at the Niue High School, Sports Ground.

The Under 21’s Rugby took place on Thursday the 20th of October, with 6 teams entering. It was part of the 31st Constitution Celebration also looking at the talent that our younger players have. The grass root rugby of Niue was really good to see, the potential these fine young players and skills that was shown. Each individual had some skill to prove and contribute to their teams.

Although there should be more tournaments like as such to improve each of these young players and have given a better insight of what they need to learn. Results are as follows:

1st Tama/Ava 1 ($500)
2nd Alofi Mako ($300)
3rd Hakupu ($200)
Consolation Monetary Rewards of $100 also went to the other teams that participated – Mutalau, Tama Ava 2 and Tuapa

Special Prizes

Best Player Ofa AHOSIVI (sponsored by NRU)

Fairst Player Taihia HETUTU (sponsored by Fulala 1)
Most tries Atoa Talagi (sponsored by NRU)

Young Potential Player Wasa Laufoli (sponsored by NRU)

Thank you to the Niue Rugby Union for the effort of organizing not forgetting the referees and also to the timekeeper’s for making this tournament possible.


As part of the 31st Constitution Celebrations, the NRU hosted an U21 Rugby 7’s Knockout Tournament held at the Niue High School, Sports Ground.

On Monday 17th October 2005, the traditional sport event that took place down at Sir Roberts Wharf, was the National Canoe Races. Organizers were pleased with the overall effort of the participants competing under calm waters including fine and sunny conditions.










Results submitted by Niue Island Canoe Association Secretary – Miss Tanya Leomotu.

Niue Darts Tri-Nations Tournament

An update of results coming soon

Fisi Pua Festival Golf Ambrose


Fisi Pua 54 Hole Golf Open Tournament Results

Mixed Touch KO Tournament

HKP Touch

The Niue Island Touch Association held its Constitution Mixed Touch Knock-out Tournament on Saturday 15th October 2005.

Progress of Lawn Bowling Green

Workers assisting New Lawn Bowls Green

The New Lawn Bowl Green is under construction at the Fonuakula old tennis courts – Niue Golf & Sports Club. President of The Lawn Bowls Association is Mr Stanley Tafatu.

Sioe Haioti ranked Number 1

Sioe ranked number 1

Pacific lifters training in Sigatoka, Fiji last Friday, at the Oceania Weightlifting Institute set 4 Commonwealth, 20 Oceania and 20 South Pacific records.

Official Queen’s Baton Relay Program

NISANOC release the Official Program for the Commonwealth Queen’s Baton to arrive in its 62nd Commonwealth destination – Niue Island.

Queens Baton Relay – Organizing Committee

Counting down 51 days before the arrival of the Commonwealth Queens Baton to the Rock of Polynesia. Highlighting the Official Working Committee organizing the events for the period of 7th November 2005 – 11th November 2005.

2004 Volleyball Season Prize-giving night

Best Volleyball Player - Jolame R

NIVA held its 2004 Volleyball Competition presentation of prizes last night.

Donation of Sport Equipment to NHS

Presentation of Sports Equipment to NHS

During the NHS assembly NISANOC presented the Principal with some new sports equipment to assist with the development of its sport programs.

Biosafety 7’s Rugby Tournament

Alofi Mako - Biosafety Champs

Biosafety sponsered the first round of the 7’s rugby tournament held at the Tuatea Sports Ground.

SPIN Touch Presentation of Medals

SPIN Silver medallists - Women

The Niue Island Touch Association held its presentation of awards last night to highlight the achievements of the players at the SPIN Touch Tournament that took place in Samoa.

Sports Equipment donated to Niue Primary School

Nisanoc presented new sports equipment to NPS at a special assembly

NHS Cross Country Run and Relay

Caroline Tongahai

The staff and students of Niue High School held its annual cross country run on Wednesday 17th August and the relay the following week.

NINA 2005 netball presentation

The Niue Island Netball Association held its end of season netball presentation last Friday evening held at the Niue Golf and Sports Club.

New South Pacific Junior Record in Weightlifting

Niue’s Superheavyweight Golden Girl broke another South Pacific Junior Record.

Niue Weightlifting at Arafura Games

The Niue Weightlifting Teams returns from Arafura Games with 3 gold and 3 silver. Sioe Haioti and Narita Viliamu both competed in the Junior section of the Arafura Games and the Oceania and South Pacific Jnr. categories. They both do extremely well being new to the sport of weightlifting. New Zealand and Australian officials were very impressed with the 2 girls strength and power and reccomends to the Niuean officials that if these powers were to be utilised in a correct and proper techniques they will be hard to beat in future games. Sioe is trainning full in Fiji with Paul Coffa at the Oceania Weightlifting Institute. Her next tournament will be at the South Pacific Mini Games to be held in Palau from July 25th to August 4th 2005.


Alis' crew

Contact details for sports information in Niue Island..

Figo & Moira

Happy New 2006 Year!!!

On behalf of NISANOC, we would like to extend our greatest and loudest Happy New 2006 Year to each one and all who have contributed towards this website including family and friends who have been supportive throughout the memorable 2005 year. To all the sports athletes in Niue and overseas may you enjoy your festive time and dont forget to drink and eat in moderation but maintain the regular physical activity.

Kia Monuina!!
Moira Talagi

Season’s Greetings from NISANOC

On behalf of the President of NISANOC and its executive working committee for 2005 – We would like to extend our festive season greetings to one and all – “MERRY CHRISTMAS”!!


The NINA Committee for 2005-2006..


Committee Members for 2005-2006..


The Annual Athletics Day for NHS will run through two days..


NITA Season Open Men and Open Womens Touch results..

SPIN Touch Tournament in July 2005 – Samoa..

Touch Rugby Knockout Tournament – Open Men & Open Women
Saturday, 2nd April 2005


The Queen’s Commonwealth Baton will be arriving Niue Island on the 7th of November 2005. The baton will be on the island for 4 days…


Soccer Knockout Tournament in April..will confirm further details..

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