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Women’s Triples WIN GOLD…

Cook Islands Women’s Triples in Lawn Bowls played their final game today against Niue, and winning Cooks 18 and Niue 11, this sealed the position and the win for Gold. The Cook Island Women’s Triples Team lost only one of their six game, which was against Tokelau 22 – 16.

Cook Islands now get ready for the singles and fours which start on Friday.



Sam Pera Jnr was the youngest lifter in the 105+kg division of the Weightlifting, yesterday the South Pacific saw Sam younder brother Sirla lift, he also was the youngest lifter in the 77kg division. Sam Jnr just missed out in tthe Snatch lifting 145kg, however was able to keep hold and win the Bronze in the Clean & Jerk section with a lift of 182kg, bringing his total to 327kg in the 105+kg division. Itte Detenamo of Nauru lifted 167kg in the Snatch, and 212kg in the Clean & Jerk, with a total of 379kg, breaking the old record and setting new records in all three catergories.

While speaking to Sam Pera Snr, he stated, “I’m and proud of what both my boys have done, and look forward to the future”, a proud dad in a sport which the whole family is involved.

2007SPG Medal Tally – AFTER DAY THREE

MEDAL TALLY – After Day 3.


Women’s Touch



Weightlifting / SAM PERA JNR, 105kg Division


Women’s Touch Win GOLD

Cook Islands Women’s Touch Team went through the round robin games without a lost, heading into the playoffs, they were still unbeaten. Cook Island Womens Team won the 2007 South Pacific Games Gold Medal for Womens Touch. Despite a good performance and effort by the girls in blue (Samoan Women’s Touch Team) Cooks proved that they are the best.Congratulation to the Cook Island Womens Touch Team, an outstanding achievement

Final score, Cook Island – 4, Samoa – 1.



In the second game of day two of the South Pacific Games Netball Tournament the Cook Islands took on Norfolk Island and emerged as the strong winner, 83-15. As relative newcomers to international competition, the Norfolk Island team was outclassed for the second day in a row. The team remains enthusiastic however and is treating the tournament as a learning ground where they can improve on all aspects of their game in preparation for future competitions. According to Suzanne Evans, Norfolk Island’s co-captain the team has been very nervous. “The first game was terrifying but we were a bit more relaxed today although we had seen the Cook Islands play before and knew they would be tough. Our competitors are all] at their peak fitness as it is so close to the World Cup.” The Cook Islands took a tough stance on defense, rarely allowing the Norfolk Islanders to enter the goal circle, thus preventing any chance to score. Furthermore, the Cook Islands shooting was on target with a shooting success of 77%. The goal attack change over by Norfolk Island at half time helped them to improve their shooting success compared to the first half. Despite the high margin of the final score the Cook Islands Coaches felt that their team could have performed better. “The score was good but there were a lot of things that could have been done better and that we need to improve on. This SPG is a very tough competition. Since the last SPG the level of play by all teams has risen.” The Cook Islands will face the undefeated Fiji in round three tomorrow whilst Norfolk Island will come up against the Solomon Islands.


Team Cook Islands conducted their draw of the raffles which they have had for the last 3 months, with the help of those National Federation compring at the SPG in Samoa, selling, also each of the Island Sports Associations assisted and supported the fundraiser as well.

Ticket Winners

Ticket No.WinnersContact Details
1st2201NooroaPh: 25-328
2nd1622Teri TipokoroaC/- MOW
3rd2294AitutakiPh: 28-980
4th4349Moetu Taru
5th4922Lenoire Teau
6th2585Puarau RubenaRakahanga
7th2215NooroaPh: 25-328
9th3537Maria MaurangiPh: 55-001
10th4400Sam MataiaPh: 27-015


Cook Islander WIN’s Tahiti Open

At just 12 years of age, Elmay Viking is among the best of what the Pacific has to offer in terms of female golfers. The youngest competitor at the International Open Golf Tournament held on Tahiti, is back on her home island of Aitutaki and back at school, after taking out the trophy for the Ladies Amateur Open category.

Elmay is still coming to grips with the win and the heavy trophy she has now added to her collection. Elmay says she was surprised that she won the trophy and is happy that she has.

Along side Elmay was her co-player and member of Team Cook Islands SPG Golf Team, Rotana Howard, and like Elmay, she had get used to the number of people who gathered to watch the tournament. Rotana finished in fifth place and says that the experience will certainly help her at the SPG in Samoa.

The SPG Tahiti Ladies Golf Team will be selected from those at this tournament. This is exactly what the Ladies Team Manager Tereapii Urlich was hoping for, as to give the pair the exposure of international golfing tournament, which prove to be worthy, as the two girls prepare for the SPG.

Both girls will now continue with their training, Elmay at the Aitutaki Golf Course, and Rotana at the Rarotonga golf Course. Both will meet up against each other at the Rarotonga Golf Open, in a few weeks time.


U19 Paddlers win V16

The Cook Islands Junior Paddlers won the Under 19 girls V16 canoeing race at the Tahiti Vaa on Saturday. The team comprises of Ngakau Toa and Te Tupu O Te Manava Canoeing Clubs. Fletcher Melvin of Te Tupu O Te Manava advised Cook Islands News that the girls had been in a coaching clinic before winning the race.

The team will be heading off to Moorea for more coaching clinics, before enjoying the carnival and mingling with the other junior paddlers at the tournament.

The team is scheduled back early Tuesday morning.


Titikaveka take FINALS

Titikaveka Netball champions continue to reign supreme in the sport of Netball after defeating Ngatangiia-Matavera 57 – 54 in what was an exciting Premier finals, last Saturday.

In other final matches Tupapa walked away with a narrow against Arorangi in the Reserve Grade. Tupapa and Arorangi were neck and neck throughout the game, but time wasn’t on Arorangi’s side when the hooter sounded, as Tupapa had shot the last goal to win the match.

In the Junior grades, Avatiu taking out the U19 against Arorangi 19 – 16, and Tupapa beating Titikaveka in the U16 with a score 15 – 8. Titikaveka also won the U14 against Arorangi 23 – 19, but Arorangi taking out the U12’s and U10 matches.


Premier Grade       Ngatangiia 54       vs       Titikaveka 57

Reserve 7Grade       Tupapa 28            vs       Arorangi 2

Open 2 Grade       Ngatangiia 18       vs       Arorangi 24

Open 1 Grade       Tupapa 30            vs       Titikaveka 25

Under 19 Grade    Arorangi 16           vs       Avatiu 19

Under 16 Grade    Titikaveka 8          vs       Tupapa 15

Under 14 Grade    Titikaveka 23        vs       Arorangi 19

Under 12 Grade    Arorangi 18           vs       Tupapa 7

Under 10 Grade    Arorangi 6             vs       Tupapa 1

Olympic Day Fun Run

2007 OLYMPIC DAY FUN RUN – Cook Islands

One of the biggest turn-out ever for a Olympic Day Fun Run in the Cook Islands including the participants from the sister Islands within the Cook Islands. Saw some 400plus participants on Rarotonga, and with the reports from the Outer Islands to some 300 – 400 participants, one of the biggest numbers recorded.

CISNOC officials were happy with the turn-out, especially with the teams heading off to Samoa later this year for the South Pacific Games, the Chef de Mission Paul Allsworth stated, that he was happy with the turn-out, as the codes were showing their support towards the development and movement of the games, and as they prepare for the South Pacific Games in Samoa.

2007 Sports Medicine Course – COOK ISLANDS

Sports Medicine Course – COOK ISLANDS

Experts from within the region attend to conduct the Sports Medicine Course in the Cook Islands, Prof. Eddie McCaig of Fiji, Natanya Potoi  the Oceania Regional Anti Doping Officer and Justin Mills the Physiotherapy Expert. Course will be conducted over four days, with participants from the Outer Islands, National Federations, Nurse Training School, Red Cross and the communities on Rarotonga. Cook Islands hosted their last Sport Medicine Course in 2003 prior to the South Pacific Games in Fiji.

Sports Medicine Course – COOK ISLANDS

Sports Medicine Course Closes…

Over the four days the experts covered the following foelds within sports medicine, Anti Doping, Prevention of Injuries, Nutrition and Strapping. Participants who attended found the course to be satisfactory and have been able to upskill themselves in those particular areas. Most interesting was the Anti Doping session where by majority of question came from those National Federation who will ne attending the SPG in Samoa, also brought an awareness of the particular supplements which are available and could be on the prohibited list. Another interesting session was that on the strapping, and the injuries caused on field.

The Course was closed the Deputy Prime Minister of the Cook Islands Hon. Sir Terepai Maoate, also the Minister of Health. Speeches were said, and inparticular, the Deputy Prime Minister atated that “he is impressed to see the number of particpants and the Outer Island representatives at the course”, he also went onto to mention his relationship with Prof Eddie McCaig, and how impressed he was to find out the McCaig was conducting the course.

Following the closing ceremony of the course, particpants photo was taken, with alight refreshment which followed. CISNOC would like to thank Prof Eddie McCaig, Natanya Potoi and Justin Mills for taking up the offer to conduct out Sports Medicine Course for 2007, meitaki maata.

Sports Awards


Again Cook Islands celebrates another year of great sports achievements with the success of individual athletes, administrators and teams. The National Sports Awards were held at the Aroa Nui Hall in Arorangi last Thursday, with 200 guests attending the night was a success. Vaka Puaikura who catered, did an outstanding job, meitaki maata.

Kevin Iro as Sportsman of the Year, with Tereapii Tapoki as Sportswomen onf the Year, other winners are listed below.


Sportsman of the Year – Kevin Iro / RUGBY LEAGUE
Sportswomen of the Year – Tereapii Tapoki / ATHLETICS
Juniot Sportsman of the Year – Sam Pera Jnr. / WEIGHTLIFTING
Junior Sportswomen of the Year – Dororthy Kiria / AITUTAKI ATHLETICS
Sports Team of the Year – Cook Islands Rugby League / RUGBY LEAGUE
Technical Official of the Year – Kevin Iro / RUGBY LEAGUE
Sports Administrator of the Year – Tereapii Urlich / GOLF
Coach of the Year – Fletcher Melvin / CANOEING
Fair Play Award – Jason Tou / RUGBY LEAGUE & RUGBY UNION
Sports Achievement of the Year – Men’s Triple Team 2006 / LAWN BOWLS
Best Administrated Outer Island Association – Aitutaki Athletics Association / AITUTAKI
Best Outer Island Sports Achievement – Aitutaki Sharks Rugby League Team / AITUTAKI
Women in Sports Award – Donna Smith / CANOEING
IOC Percomality Awards – Maara Kenning / GOLF & CISNOC

Round Rock Relay…

CISNOC do the Relay…

CISNOC decided that they would participate in this year annual ‘Round the Rock Relay’, with the team consisting of the staff and a few other, they completed the ‘Walk’ in good time, and in 4th placing, congratulation to the team.

Junior Development Program

Junior Coaching…

Through the Sports Development Unit of CISNOC Junior Development Programs are conducted with the assistance of the National Federations, throughout each term of school particular sports are competed, at the moment athletics will be competed on the 5th October. All schools are training and athletes being coached.
(Picture: SDO – Elizabeth Tou with the students of Takitumu School)

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