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Samoa best ever performance at the Commonwealth Games

Day 7 of the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games will forever be etched in the annals of Samoan and Pacific Islands sports history as a Golden Day of remarkable achievements.

Niusila Opeloge’s stellar performance marked the pinnacle of success for Samoan weightlifting and the Opeloge family, clinching a comfortable gold medal in the 105kg class. This victory not only secured Samoa’s third gold medal but also propelled them to a total of four medals, surpassing their previous best performance at a Commonwealth Games.

Furthermore, Niusila Opeloge’s triumph made history as she became the first Samoan athlete to secure medals at multiple Games, joining Nauru’s Marcus Stephen as the only Pacific Islanders to achieve this feat.


Remarkably, under different weightlifting regulations akin to those during Nauru’s golden era, Samoa would have clinched an astounding nine gold medals overall.

Ele Opeloge further solidified Samoa’s dominance in weightlifting by effortlessly claiming gold in the Women’s 75+kg category. Her remarkable feat included smashing her own Commonwealth weightlifting record, lifting an impressive 285kg to secure Samoa’s second gold medal in as many days.

The 25-year-old’s exceptional performance not only earned her the distinction of being the best-ranked weightlifter across all categories in Delhi but also set a new Commonwealth overall record by an astounding 4kg.

In a display of sheer dominance, Maryam Usman of Nigeria clinched silver with 255kg, while Deborah Acason of Australia, the gold medallist in the women’s 75kg at the Melbourne Games, settled for bronze with 245kg.

The competition’s outcome seemed preordained after the Snatch section, with Acason, Usman, and Opeloge establishing an insurmountable lead over their competitors. Opeloge particularly dazzled, breaking the Commonwealth Games Snatch record with a lift of 125kg.

Opeloge’s Gold medal was virtually assured when she effortlessly hoisted 150kg in her first Clean and Jerk before setting a new Commonwealth record of 160kg.

The significance of Samoa’s triumphs extended beyond weightlifting, with Faavae Faauliuli clinching Samoa’s first-ever gold medal in Commonwealth Games history in the men’s 94kg category.

With a bronze in athletics and the prospect of success in rugby, Samoa’s remarkable performance at the Games will be fondly remembered for years to come.

Moreover, it was a momentous day for the Pacific Islands as Tonga qualified two boxers into the semi-finals, guaranteeing two medals and achieving their best-ever performance at a Commonwealth Games.

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