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ONOC kick-starts revival of Fijian Sports Journalists’ Association

SUVA, 25 AUGUST 2015 (ONOC) —–The Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) initiated the revival of the Fijian Sports Journalists’ Association which has been defunct for over a decade.

ONOC President Dr Robin Mitchell assured sports editors and journalists of ONOC’s support to the association.

“I’m pleased for the revival which would greatly enhance and improve networking locally and regionally,” said Dr Mitchell.

He highlighted various upcoming major events such as the Rio Olympics and why its so crucial that the media is organised.

 He is delighted that majority of the media for the Rio Olympics would be coming from Fiji and it would be beneficial that the Fijian Sports Journalists’ Association affiliates with the Association of International Sports Press or AIPS.

ONOC Communication and Media Manager Matai Akauola says the idea to revive the association has been discussed many times but things started to materialise when a group of sports journalists came together during the ONOC General Assembly in April.

This was further enhanced at the media workshop for Women and Sport hosted by the International Olympic Committees International Relations Department in Doha, Qatar in May.

“This is part of ‘The Doha Call to Action’ with the theme ‘commitment to lead the change’ and the AIPS is requested to create and revive National Sports Press Associations to foster sports coverage,” said Akauola.

14 professional sports journalists and editors from six media companies- Fiji Sun, Fiji Times, Fiji Television, Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, Teivovo and PACNEWS/PINA attended the meeting which also included the Communications Manager from Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (FASANOC).

All the participants agreed that it was time to revive the association. An interim committee has been selected to organise and facilitate the proper registration of the association locally and internationally….PACNEWS

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