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Weightlifting Congratulations

Today, the Women’s +74kg Weightlifting competition was a highlight at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, drawing in a vibrant crowd eager to witness the prowess of female lifters from around the world. Our own Sioe Haioti, who hones her skills under the tutelage of Paul Coffa at the Weightlifting Institute in Samoa, came tantalizingly close to securing the bronze medal.

Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t quite conquer the 131kg weight, a load she effortlessly handled during training sessions. The bronze went to Kiwi contender Keisha-Dean Soffe, leaving Sioe with a respectable 5th-place finish.

Nevertheless, Sioe’s performance was nothing short of remarkable, captivating the audience and earning their unwavering support. Meanwhile, the spotlight shone on 16-year-old rising star Narita Viliamu, a self-trained athlete from Niue, with the guidance of Coach Speedo Hetutu.

Narita stunned spectators with a personal best in the Snatch, showcasing her immense potential. Despite a momentary blackout during her final Clean & Jerk attempt, her determination remained unshaken, securing her an overall 8th place among 11 competitors.

Narita’s youth and raw talent promise a bright future in the sport, especially with the right coaching and support. Both Sioe and Narita deserve applause for their courage and tenacity on the platform. Congratulations to these inspiring athletes on their commendable performances.

Shooting Competition – GCL (Shotgun Range)

Over the course of three intense days, Niuean athlete Sionbelle Togiavalu showcased his skill and determination in the Men’s Trap and Men’s Double Trap qualifying rounds, facing off against top competitors from across the Commonwealth.

This marks Sionebelle’s second appearance at the Commonwealth Games, having previously competed in Manchester 2002.

In Manchester, Sionebelle paired up with Morgan Magatogia for the men’s Skeet event, finishing 14th. He also competed individually, scoring 53 points in men’s Skeet and 68 points in men’s Trap, securing 28th and 35th place finishes, respectively.

Despite the challenges and fierce competition, Sionbelle’s passion for the sport shines through as he continues to strive for excellence on the international stage.

His journey is a testament to dedication and perseverance in pursuit of athletic achievement.

Day 4 – Athletics buzz for Billy Paea

This morning, at the MCG where the athletics events were underway, our sole representative from Niue, the talented 24-year-old Billie Wallbridge-Paea, took to the track for the Men’s 100m 1st Round – Heat 4. Billie, whose personal best in the 100m stands at an impressive 11 seconds flat, sprinted down the second lane and clocked in at 11.28 seconds, showcasing his speed and determination.

In a thrilling race that kept spectators on the edge of their seats, Billie crossed the finish line in 7th place, outpacing Vanuatu’s Robert Nidithawae who finished in 8th.

The heat was won by England’s Mark Lewis-Francis, who blazed through with a time of 10.20 seconds.

Although Billie didn’t clinch the top spot in this heat, his performance was admirable, and he undoubtedly left everything on the track.

His journey as a solo athlete representing Niue is a testament to his dedication and passion for the sport, inspiring not only his fellow Niueans but athletes around the world.

Day 4 – Boxing Competition

This evening, at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Niue’s Super Heavyweight +91kg representative, Star Tauasi, faced a tough opponent in Ghana’s boxer, Haruna Osomanu.

Despite putting up a valiant fight, Star found himself on the wrong end of an inflexible decision by the referee, with the points tallying up to 15:14 in favor of Haruna.

The crowd, filled with uplifting and positive energy, rallied behind Star throughout the match, expressing their disappointment with boos as the decision was announced. It was evident that Star had won the hearts of many with his determination and spirit, even in defeat.

Though the outcome may not have gone in his favor this time, Star’s resilience and courage in the ring serve as an inspiration to all. His journey as a representative of Niue in the boxing world embodies the true essence of sportsmanship and perseverance.

Day 3 – Niue beat Kenya in the Men’s Triples for Lawn Bowls

Today was packed with games for the Niue Men’s triples team, but their match against Kenya was particularly intense.

It came down to the wire, with both teams giving it their all in a tight finish. In the end, the Niue team managed to clinch the victory, showcasing their skill and determination on the field.

Day 2 Competition – Rugby Sevens

Today, the Niue Rugby Sevens team went head-to-head with Kenya in a high-stakes Bowl Quarterfinal match. Despite a valiant effort from the 11-man Niue squad, Kenya emerged victorious with a final score of 21 – 5.

The lone try for Niue was scored by Matt Faleuka, showcasing the team’s determination and skill on the field. Unfortunately, the conversion attempt by Afele Leona didn’t find its mark.

Despite the outcome, the boys put on a commendable performance, drawing cheers and support from the enthusiastic crowd. As a fitting farewell, they closed the match by proudly showcasing the Takalo, leaving a lasting impression of Niuean spirit and sportsmanship on the field.

Day 2 – Lawn Bowls heats

Today, the excitement of the Men’s and Women’s triples games, along with the Men’s and Women’s pairs, continued to fill the air. In the women’s triples event, our Niue representatives – Liline Hewett, Janet Pihigia, and Anne Strickland – displayed incredible skill and teamwork against their formidable opponents from Wales. Despite their best efforts and a valiant performance, they unfortunately fell short of securing a winning set.

Day 2 – Boxing Competition

This evening, our seasoned Niue Representative, 32-year-old Haleonehetou Atutolu, stepped into the ring for a heavyweight 91kg boxing match against Kenyan boxer James Wasao. It marked a significant return for Hale, who last represented Niue back in Fiji in 2003 at the SPG games.

Despite putting up a strong fight, Hale faced defeat during the second round, with the points difference working against him. This Commonwealth Games bout marked Hale’s debut in boxing at this prestigious event.

James Wasao’s victory sets him up for an exciting challenge in the quarterfinals next week against his Australian opponent, Bradley Pitt. The competition promises to be fierce as these athletes continue to showcase their talent and determination on the international stage.

Day 1 Competition – Rugby Seven’s

Today was a whirlwind for the Niue Rugby Sevens team as they faced off against three formidable opponents in their Pool B category: Scotland, Fiji, and Canada. Despite the challenges and distractions leading up to their departure for the 18th Commonwealth Games, the team put on a commendable performance on the field. Their resilience and determination were evident as they battled against tough competition throughout the day.



Today marked a significant milestone for lawn bowls as athletes competed in the Women’s Triples, Men’s Triples, and the Women’s and Men’s Pairs Preliminary Groups at the Commonwealth Games. It was an extraordinary display of skill and determination, especially considering it was their debut appearance at such a prestigious event.

I wholeheartedly commend the athletes for their remarkable efforts and unwavering commitment to training in the lead-up to these events. Their dedication and hard work truly paid off, and they’ve made their mark on the international stage with their outstanding performances.

Opening Ceremony

Today marked the grand opening of the 18th Commonwealth Games right here in Melbourne, and it was a spectacle to behold. Our Niue team shone brightly, adorned in vibrant hues of yellow and blue, representing our national colors with pride.

As officials and athletes alike paraded into the stadium, waving our little Niue flags crafted by the talented Sally Ikinofo, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

Seated near Her Majesty the Queen were our esteemed President of NISANOC and his wife, basking in the excitement of the moment.

Despite the length of the ceremony, the electrifying atmosphere kept us all captivated, and mingling with famous athletes from around the world, swapping badges, added to the thrill. It was an honor to march behind Team New Zealand, and for many of us, this will be a cherished memory for years to come.

Go Team Niue! We’re ready to make our mark on these Games!

Team Niue Flag Raising Ceremony

This afternoon, Team Niue, alongside representatives from three other nations, came together for a special flag-raising ceremony within the Commonwealth Games Village complex. It was a moment of unity and pride as we raised our flags high, symbolizing our presence and spirit in this global celebration of sport and camaraderie.

The ceremony served as a poignant reminder of the diversity and inclusivity that defines the Commonwealth Games, bringing athletes and nations together in a shared pursuit of excellence and friendship.

Niue Melbourne Commonwealth team 2006 Ready to roll

With just two more days remaining before the grand opening of the 18th Melbourne Commonwealth Games, excitement is reaching its peak as the Niue representatives gather and make final preparations for the competitions ahead.

Anticipation fills the air as athletes fine-tune their skills and mentally prepare to give their all on the international stage. It’s a momentous occasion for Team Niue, and we’re all eager to showcase our talent and sportsmanship as we compete among the best from around the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Federation General Assembly Meeting

The Commonwealth Federation General Assembly Meeting took place at the prestigious Sofitel Melbourne Hotel, bringing together delegates from across the Commonwealth. Representing Niue was CMD and Secretary General, Mr. Alan Tano Puleosi, alongside Moira Talagi.

As representatives of our nation, they participated in discussions and deliberations aimed at furthering cooperation and collaboration among Commonwealth member states. Their presence underscored Niue’s commitment to active engagement within the international community.

Newport Lakes Primary School Entertainment

Today, the Niue Lawn Bowls team had the pleasure of attending a delightful invitation hosted by the enthusiastic students and staff of Newport Lakes Primary School. It was a heartwarming experience as the team was warmly welcomed by the bubbly and excited youngsters, who were eager to learn about lawn bowls and interact with the athletes.

The exchange of smiles and stories between the team and the students created a memorable bond, highlighting the power of sports to bring communities together.

Niue Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Team

Part of the Niue Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games team has already arrived in Melbourne and is settling in at the Games Village in anticipation of the upcoming events, scheduled from March 15th to March 26th, 2006.

For anyone wishing to get in touch with Team Niue, the contact information is as follows:

Commonwealth Games Association (CGA) ONOC Office 3

Telephone: (03) 88557469

Fax: (03) 88557470

Chef de Mission (CDM)

mobile: 0418577028


Please note that contact hours are between 6am to 11 pm.

For sending mail to the team, please address it as follows:

Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Athlete’s Village Residential Zone – High Country (HC) [Mr./Mrs./Ms.] [Name] Team [Name of Nation] Team – [Sport] GPO Box 5852 Melbourne VIC 3001

Your support and well-wishes are greatly appreciated during this exciting time for Team Niue!

2006 Niue 7’s Rugby Parade – Wellington

At 12:45 pm (NZ local time), Lambton Quay was bustling with excitement as rugby enthusiasts and fans gathered to spectate and extend a warm welcome to the teams participating in the Wellington IRB Rugby 7’s Tournament. Scheduled for the 3rd to 4th of February 2006, this event draws crowds from far and wide, and Lambton Quay was no exception.

Among the sea of supporters were proud Niueans, donning their vibrant yellow colors and cheering passionately for our Niue Team. Their spirited presence added to the electric atmosphere of the occasion, showcasing the unity and fervor of Niue’s rugby community.

For those seeking to connect with the Niue 7’s Team, here are the contact details: James Cook Hotel / Grand Chancellor 147 The Terrace, Wellington, NZ (Level 18) Fax: 04 4999 800 Email:

Let’s continue to show our unwavering support for Team Niue as they compete in this thrilling tournament!

Niue Island Touch Tournament

The opening of the touch season for 2006 kicked off with great excitement as the open men’s and women’s knockout tournaments took center stage. A total of 21 teams eagerly registered for the tournament, showcasing the growing popularity and enthusiasm for the sport.

Among them were 7 women’s teams and 14 men’s teams, each ready to compete fiercely for victory and honor. With such a strong turnout, anticipation was high for a thrilling start to the touch season, promising intense matches and memorable moments on the field.

Tri-Nations Golf Championship Presentation 2005

Stay tuned for the final confirmed golf results, which will be posted as soon as they are submitted. In the meantime, a big congratulations is in order for all prize recipients! Your hard work, dedication, and skill have earned you well-deserved recognition. Let’s continue to celebrate the achievements of our talented golfers and look forward to more exciting tournaments in the future.

Niue Tri-nations 2005 Golf Championship – Day 2

Niue Tri-Nation 2005 Golf Championship – Day 1

Niue Tri-Nations Golf Championship

The Niue Golf Tri-Nations Championship 2005 teed off on Tuesday, December 27th, heralding a spirited competition among Niueans residing in New Zealand, Australia, and at home in Niue itself. This prestigious tournament brings together golfers from across the globe, fostering camaraderie and friendly rivalry on the greens.

With approximately 17 players representing Australia and around 12 players from New Zealand, the tournament boasts a formidable lineup. Additionally, the local contingent comprises approximately 30 players, including talented lady golfers, adding diversity and excitement to the event.

Stay tuned for further updates and news as the tournament progresses. Let’s cheer on our Niuean golfers as they showcase their skills and sportsmanship on the course!

Queen’s Baton – Historical Sporting Event for Niue

The inaugural Queen’s Baton was crafted for a momentous relay to commemorate the Cardiff 1958 Commonwealth Games in Wales. This historic baton symbolized unity, friendship, and the spirit of the Commonwealth as it embarked on its journey across the globe, carrying messages of goodwill and camaraderie from Her Majesty the Queen to the athletes of the participating nations. The relay marked the beginning of a cherished tradition that continues to this day, uniting nations and celebrating the values of sportsmanship and international cooperation.

NHS Cultural Activities Day with Baton – Day 4

Today, the University of the South Pacific (USP) and Niue High School rolled out the red carpet to welcome the Queen’s Baton Relay (QBR) team. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as students showcased their talents through various displays and activities. From impressive student work exhibitions to engaging local sports demonstrations, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the spectacular fashion show, where students strutted their stuff on the runway, showcasing Niuean culture and creativity through their vibrant designs.

Stay tuned for more updates as the day unfolds, promising even more excitement and memorable moments!

Round the Island Queen’s Baton Relay – Day 3

Today, the island of Niue is abuzz with excitement as the community comes together to celebrate a public holiday in honor of the round-the-island baton relay. The festivities kicked off with great fanfare at the Fale Fono, marking the official start of the relay. From there, the baton journeyed through the picturesque landscapes and vibrant villages of Niue, weaving its way through each community with pride and enthusiasm.

As the relay progressed, the spirit of unity and camaraderie filled the air, with residents lining the streets to cheer on the participants and join in the celebration. Now, as the baton makes its triumphant arrival at the Commercial Centre, the festivities are far from over. More community activities await, promising even more excitement and joy for all.

Stay tuned for further updates as the celebrations continue to unfold, showcasing the rich culture and spirit of Niue!

Commonwealth Queen’s Baton in Niue – Day 2

The Queen’s Baton Relay Party, consisting of four esteemed members, was honored to pay a courtesy visit to the Premier of Niue, Honorable Young Vivian, and the Cabinet Ministers at the Fale Fono this morning at 9am. Accompanied by the President of NISANOC, Mr. Des Hipa, and his Executive Committee, the delegation was warmly welcomed as they gathered to share in the excitement surrounding the relay.

This special occasion provided an opportunity for meaningful exchanges and discussions, highlighting the significance of the Queen’s Baton Relay and its journey through Niue. It was a moment to reflect on the values of unity, sportsmanship, and community that the relay embodies, further strengthening the bonds between the government and sporting authorities.

As the relay continues its journey across the island, this courtesy visit serves as a testament to the support and enthusiasm of the Niuean leadership for this historic event.

The Queen’s Baton is now here in Niue – Day 1

Excitement reached a fever pitch this afternoon as all eyes turned to Hanan International Airport, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Commonwealth Queen’s Baton. At 3:40 pm local time, the moment finally arrived, marking a historic occasion for Niue Island.

The atmosphere was electric as spectators gathered to witness the symbolic arrival of the baton, which carries with it the spirit of unity and friendship of the Commonwealth. Cheers and applause filled the air as the baton was officially welcomed onto Niuean soil, signifying the island’s participation in this global celebration of sport and camaraderie.

As the baton continues its journey across the island, its presence serves as a reminder of the values and aspirations that unite the Commonwealth nations. Let the festivities begin!

Queen’s Baton Relay Community Update

All eyes were on Hanan International Airport this afternoon as a palpable sense of anticipation filled the air. At 3:40 pm local time, the moment that everyone had been eagerly awaiting finally arrived: the Commonwealth Queen’s Baton made its grand entrance onto Niue Island.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement as spectators gathered to witness this historic occasion. Cheers erupted as the baton, carrying the spirit of unity and athleticism of the Commonwealth, was officially welcomed onto Niuean soil. It was a moment of pride and celebration for the island, marking its participation in the global community of nations.

As the baton embarks on its journey across Niue, it serves as a symbol of friendship and solidarity among Commonwealth nations. Let the festivities begin as Niue embraces the spirit of the Commonwealth Games!

Queen’s Baton Relay Community Update

The excitement is palpable as we count down the hours until the arrival of the Commonwealth Queen’s Baton to its 62nd destination – The Rock of Polynesia, Niue.

The baton is set to touch down on Niue soil on a Special Charter Polynesian Dash Aircraft, with an estimated time of arrival (ETA) at 3:30pm local time. A special short welcoming ceremony has been planned at the airport for this momentous occasion, scheduled to take place on Monday, November 7th, 2005.

As the island eagerly awaits the arrival of the baton, anticipation is building for the celebration that will accompany its arrival. It’s a moment that will be etched in the hearts and minds of Niueans, symbolizing their participation in the global Commonwealth community. Let’s prepare to extend a warm Niuean welcome to the Commonwealth Queen’s Baton!

NRU – U21 Rugby 7’s Tournament

As part of the 31st Constitution Celebrations, the Niue Rugby Union (NRU) proudly hosted an exhilarating U21 Rugby 7’s Knockout Tournament. The event took place at the esteemed Niue High School Sports Ground, setting the stage for a thrilling showcase of youthful talent and rugby prowess.

Players from across the island came together to compete in this prestigious tournament, demonstrating their skills and passion for the game. With fast-paced action and fierce competition, the matches were a testament to the vibrant rugby culture of Niue.

The event not only provided an opportunity for young athletes to showcase their abilities but also served as a celebration of Niuean pride and unity. It was a fitting addition to the Constitution Celebrations, highlighting the importance of sports in bringing communities together and fostering camaraderie.


The Pule Fakamotu Celebrations commenced with great fanfare as the first traditional sports event, the National Canoe Race, took center stage. This highly anticipated race brought together participants from across the island to showcase their skill, strength, and camaraderie in the water.

Against the backdrop of the beautiful Niuean coastline, spectators gathered to cheer on the teams as they paddled with determination and precision. The race not only highlighted the importance of traditional sports in Niuean culture but also served as a vibrant celebration of community spirit and pride.

As the first event of the celebrations, the National Canoe Race set the tone for a series of festivities that would continue to honor Niuean heritage and traditions throughout the Pule Fakamotu Celebrations.

Niue Darts Tri-Nations Tournament

Fisi Pua Festival Golf Ambrose

Mixed Touch KO Tournament

The Niue Island Touch Association hosted its Constitution Mixed Touch Knock-out Tournament on Saturday, October 15th, 2005. This exciting event brought together touch enthusiasts from across the island to compete in a thrilling display of athleticism and skill.

Players of all ages and backgrounds came together to showcase their passion for the sport, with teams vying for victory in an atmosphere of friendly competition and camaraderie. The tournament provided an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their agility, speed, and teamwork on the field while enjoying the spirit of community and sportsmanship.

As one of the highlights of the touch calendar, the Constitution Mixed Touch Knock-out Tournament was a resounding success, exemplifying the enduring popularity of touch rugby on Niue Island.

Progress of Lawn Bowling Green

Exciting news for the Niue Golf & Sports Club! The construction of the new Lawn Bowl Green is currently underway at the Fonuakula old tennis courts, promising to add a new dimension of sporting enjoyment to the club’s facilities. Spearheading this project is Mr. Stanley Tafatu, the esteemed President of The Lawn Bowls Association.

With the development of this new green, members and enthusiasts alike can look forward to engaging in friendly matches and competitions in the picturesque surroundings of the club. The addition of lawn bowls adds yet another avenue for recreation and socialization within the vibrant community of Niue.

As the project progresses, anticipation grows for the unveiling of the new Lawn Bowl Green, which is sure to become a cherished asset to the Niue Golf & Sports Club.

Sioe Haioti ranked Number 1

Last Friday, Pacific lifters training at the Oceania Weightlifting Institute in Sigatoka, Fiji, achieved remarkable success. In an impressive display of strength and skill, they set a total of 4 Commonwealth records, 20 Oceania records, and 20 South Pacific records.

This outstanding achievement highlights the dedication and hard work of these athletes, as well as the world-class training facilities and coaching provided by the Oceania Weightlifting Institute. Their exceptional performances serve as an inspiration to lifters across the region, showcasing the talent and potential within Pacific weightlifting.

Congratulations to all the athletes on their record-breaking accomplishments, and may their success continue to inspire future generations of lifters in the Pacific region.

Official Queen’s Baton Relay Program

2004 Volleyball Season Prize-giving night

Last night, the Niue Island Volleyball Association (NIVA) held its highly anticipated 2004 Volleyball Competition presentation of prizes. It was a night filled with excitement and celebration as participants and supporters gathered to recognize the outstanding achievements of the teams and players.

The event showcased the dedication, talent, and sportsmanship of all involved in the competition. Prizes were awarded to the top-performing teams and individuals, honoring their hard work and commitment throughout the season.

As the evening unfolded, there were speeches, acknowledgments, and heartfelt congratulations shared among the attendees. It was a fitting conclusion to a successful volleyball season and a testament to the vibrant volleyball community on Niue Island.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the 2004 Volleyball Competition! Your efforts have truly made this season memorable, and we look forward to seeing more exciting volleyball action in the future.

Donation of Sports Equipment to NHS

During the Niue High School (NHS) assembly, the Niue National Olympic Committee (NISANOC) made a special presentation to the Principal. In a gesture of support for the school’s sports programs and the development of athletic talent among its students, NISANOC presented the Principal with new sports equipment.

This generous donation aims to enhance the school’s sports programs, providing students with access to quality equipment to support their training and participation in various sports activities. The presentation highlights NISANOC’s commitment to promoting sports and physical activity among Niuean youth, fostering a culture of health, fitness, and sportsmanship within the school community.

The Principal and students alike were undoubtedly thrilled and grateful for this contribution, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the school’s sports programs and the overall well-being of its students.

Biosafety 7’s Rugby Tournament

Biosafety proudly sponsored the first round of the 7’s rugby tournament held at the Tuatea Sports Ground. Their generous support played a crucial role in making the event a resounding success, providing essential resources and ensuring that players and spectators alike enjoyed a thrilling day of rugby action.

With Biosafety’s sponsorship, the tournament was able to offer top-notch facilities, equipment, and logistics, creating an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie. Their commitment to supporting grassroots sports and community events is commendable and has made a positive impact on the local rugby scene.

The partnership between Biosafety and the 7’s rugby tournament exemplifies the importance of collaboration in promoting sports and fostering community engagement. Their contribution is greatly appreciated by all involved, and their sponsorship has undoubtedly helped to elevate the tournament to new heights.

SPIN Touch Presentation of Medals

Last night, the Niue Island Touch Association (NITA) held a prestigious presentation of awards to honor the outstanding achievements of players at the SPIN Touch Tournament held in Samoa. This event served as a platform to recognize and celebrate the hard work, dedication, and talent of the participating athletes.

The awards ceremony showcased the remarkable performances of Niuean players on the international stage, highlighting their success and contributions to the sport of touch rugby. Players were recognized for their individual achievements, as well as their collective efforts in representing Niue with pride and sportsmanship.

As the evening unfolded, there were speeches, accolades, and heartfelt congratulations shared among the attendees. It was a momentous occasion that underscored the importance of sports in fostering camaraderie, teamwork, and personal growth within the Niuean community.

Congratulations to all the players who participated in the SPIN Touch Tournament, and a special commendation to those who received awards for their exceptional performances. Your achievements have brought honor to Niue, and we look forward to witnessing your continued success on the touch rugby field.

Sports Equipment donated to Niue Primary School

Nisanoc, in a generous gesture of support for sports development, presented new sports equipment to Niue Primary School (NPS) during a special assembly. This presentation not only underscores Nisanoc’s commitment to promoting sports and physical activity but also aims to provide students at NPS with the necessary resources to enhance their athletic endeavors.

The new sports equipment will undoubtedly enrich the school’s physical education curriculum and extracurricular activities, fostering a culture of health, fitness, and sportsmanship among students. It represents an investment in the well-being and holistic development of the school community, empowering students to pursue their sporting interests and aspirations.

The special assembly served as a platform to celebrate the partnership between Nisanoc and NPS, highlighting the importance of collaboration in advancing sports education and opportunities for young athletes. It was a moment of pride and gratitude for all involved, as the new sports equipment symbolizes the beginning of an exciting journey towards athletic excellence at NPS.

NHS Cross Country Run and Relay

The staff and students of Niue High School came together for their annual cross-country run on Wednesday, August 17th. This beloved tradition saw participants of all ages lace up their running shoes and take to the scenic routes around the school grounds. It was a day filled with energy, determination, and camaraderie as students pushed themselves to achieve personal bests and support their peers along the way.

Following the success of the cross-country run, the excitement continued the following week with the highly anticipated relay event. Teams representing different classes or houses showcased their speed and teamwork as they passed the baton from one runner to the next, striving to cross the finish line in record time.

Both events provided valuable opportunities for students to engage in physical activity, promote a healthy lifestyle, and foster a sense of unity within the school community. Congratulations to all participants for their efforts and sportsmanship, making the annual cross-country run and relay events a highlight of the school year at Niue High School.

NINA 2005 netball presentation

Last Friday evening was a special occasion as the Niue Island Netball Association (NINA) held its end-of-season netball presentation at the Niue Golf and Sports Club. It was a night filled with excitement, camaraderie, and celebration as players, coaches, officials, and supporters gathered to recognize the achievements of the netball community.

The presentation ceremony honored the dedication, hard work, and sportsmanship of all involved in the netball season. Awards were presented to outstanding players, coaches, and volunteers, acknowledging their contributions to the success of the sport on the island.

The event provided an opportunity for everyone to come together and reflect on the season’s highlights, share stories, and create lasting memories. It was a testament to the vibrant netball community on Niue and the positive impact of the sport on the lives of its participants.

Congratulations to all the award recipients and participants for their commitment and passion for netball. The end-of-season presentation was a fitting conclusion to another successful season, and everyone looks forward to the continued growth and success of netball on Niue.

New South Pacific Junior Record in Weightlifting

Niue’s Superheavyweight Golden Girl has once again made headlines by breaking another South Pacific Junior Record. This remarkable achievement showcases her exceptional talent, dedication, and determination in the world of weightlifting.

Her success not only brings pride to Niue but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes across the South Pacific region. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to pushing her limits exemplify the spirit of sportsmanship and resilience.

Congratulations to Niue’s Superheavyweight Golden Girl on this incredible accomplishment. May her record-breaking performances continue to inspire and motivate others to reach for their dreams and strive for greatness in their own pursuits.

Niue Weightlifting at Arafura Games

The Niue Weightlifting Teams have returned triumphantly from the Arafura Games, bringing home an impressive haul of 3 gold and 3 silver medals. Among the standout performers were Sioe Haioti and Narita Viliamu, who competed in the Junior section of the Arafura Games as well as the Oceania and South Pacific Junior categories. Despite being relatively new to the sport of weightlifting, both athletes showcased remarkable talent and determination, earning praise from New Zealand and Australian officials.

Sioe Haioti, currently training under the guidance of Paul Coffa at the Oceania Weightlifting Institute in Fiji, demonstrated exceptional strength and power. Her performance has garnered attention and admiration, with officials recommending that with proper technique and training, she and Narita Viliamu will be formidable competitors in future games.

Looking ahead, Sioe Haioti is gearing up for her next tournament at the South Pacific Mini Games in Palau, scheduled from July 25th to August 4th, 2005. With her dedication and potential, she is poised to make waves on the international stage and continue to elevate Niuean weightlifting to new heights. Congratulations to Sioe, Narita, and the entire Niue Weightlifting Team on their outstanding achievements!


Contact details for sports information in Niue Island..

Happy New 2006 Year!!!

On behalf of NISANOC, we would like to extend our greatest and loudest Happy New 2006 Year to each one and all who have contributed towards this website including family and friends who have been supportive throughout the memorable 2005 year. To all the sports athletes in Niue and overseas, may you enjoy your festive time and don’t forget to drink and eat in moderation but maintain regular physical activity.

Kia Monuina!!
Moira Talagi

Season’s Greetings from NISANOC

On behalf of the President of NISANOC and its executive working committee for 2005 – We would like to extend our festive season greetings to one and all – “MERRY CHRISTMAS”!!


The NINA Committee for 2005-2006..


Committee Members for 2005-2006..


The Annual Athletics Day at Niue High School (NHS) will span across two action-packed days, promising an exhilarating showcase of athleticism and school spirit.

Day One:
– The festivities commence with a vibrant opening ceremony, igniting the excitement and camaraderie among students and spectators alike.
– Throughout the day, the track and field will come alive with a multitude of events, ranging from sprints to field jumps, shot put, and javelin throw.
– Students will compete fiercely, pushing themselves to achieve personal bests while representing their houses or teams with pride.
– Cheers and encouragement will echo across the grounds as participants display their speed, agility, and determination in pursuit of victory.

Day Two:
– The energy continues to soar on the second day of the Athletics Day, with a fresh lineup of exhilarating competitions.
– From hurdles to triple jumps and discus throws, athletes will showcase their skills in a variety of track and field disciplines.
– Teamwork will be celebrated in relay races, as students collaborate to secure points for their respective houses or teams.
– As the sun sets on another day of thrilling competition, the closing ceremony will honor standout performers and unite the NHS community in applause and recognition.

With two days of spirited competition and camaraderie, the Annual Athletics Day at NHS promises to be an unforgettable celebration of athleticism and school pride.


In the SPIN Touch Tournament held in Samoa in July 2005, the Niue Island Touch Association (NITA) fielded competitive teams in both the Open Men’s and Open Women’s divisions, showcasing their skill and determination on the field.

The NITA Open Men’s Touch team demonstrated their prowess and teamwork throughout the tournament, securing impressive victories and challenging their opponents with their strategic plays and athleticism.

Similarly, the NITA Open Women’s Touch team displayed their talent and resilience, competing fiercely against tough competition and earning recognition for their skillful performances.

In the Touch Rugby Knockout Tournament held on Saturday, April 2nd, 2005, both the NITA Open Men’s and Open Women’s teams showcased their competitive spirit and sportsmanship. Despite facing formidable opponents, they displayed grit and determination, representing Niue Island with pride on the field.

Overall, the NITA Open Men’s and Open Women’s Touch teams have shown great promise and dedication, both in the SPIN Touch Tournament in Samoa and the Touch Rugby Knockout Tournament in April 2005. Congratulations to all the players for their efforts, and may they continue to excel in future competitions.


Exciting news! The Queen’s Commonwealth Baton will be making its way to Niue Island on the 7th of November 2005, marking a significant moment for the island’s community. The baton’s arrival will herald four days of celebration, unity, and festivities as Niueans come together to welcome this symbol of the Commonwealth.

During its stay on the island, the Queen’s Commonwealth Baton will be showcased in various events and activities, allowing residents and visitors alike to experience its significance firsthand. From ceremonial receptions to community gatherings, there will be ample opportunities for everyone to participate in this historic occasion.

As the baton travels across Niue, it will carry with it the spirit of friendship and collaboration that defines the Commonwealth. Its presence serves as a reminder of the shared values and aspirations that bind together the diverse nations and territories of the Commonwealth family.

Let us join together in welcoming the Queen’s Commonwealth Baton to Niue Island and celebrating the bonds of kinship and solidarity that unite us all.

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Announcement: Soccer Knockout Tournament in April

Attention all soccer enthusiasts! Get ready for an exhilarating Soccer Knockout Tournament coming up in April. Stay tuned for further details as we finalize the arrangements and confirm the schedule.

This tournament promises to be an exciting showcase of talent and sportsmanship, with teams competing for glory and pride on the soccer field. Whether you’re a player or a spectator, mark your calendars, and don’t miss out on the action-packed matches and thrilling moments.

Keep an eye out for updates on teams, match fixtures, and venue information. It’s time to lace up your cleats, gather your teammates, and get ready to make your mark in the Soccer Knockout Tournament!

Stay tuned for more details, and let’s make this tournament an unforgettable event for all soccer enthusiasts on the island!

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