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Belau Games State Representatives Meet with Chairman

Koror State Champion for the 2007 Belau Games

The Koror State Team emerged as the standout performers of the 2007 Belau Games, clinching the title of the Most Medals and Top Points State Team. Their remarkable success was a testament to their dedication, skill, and the unwavering support provided by Koror State throughout the games.

Participating in various sports events, the Koror State Team showcased their prowess across various disciplines, securing numerous medals and accumulating high points based on the games’ point spread system.

Their exceptional performance resulted from their hard work, determination, and strong backing from their state, which enabled them to excel on the grand stage of the Belau Games.

The Palau National Olympic Committee (NOC) and the Sports Federations congratulated the Koror State Team for their outstanding achievements. Their success brought honor to Koror State and inspired athletes from across the nation to strive for excellence in their respective sports.

Peleliu State and Sonsorol State were also recognized for their commendable performances, securing the 2nd and 3rd rankings, respectively. Their efforts contributed to the overall success of the games and exemplified the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie that defines the Belau Games.

Congratulations to all the athletes, coaches, and supporters involved. May the success of the Koror State Team serve as a source of inspiration for future generations of athletes in Palau.

Belau Games Opening Ceremony set for June 15 @5:30pm

Attention all participants and spectators of the 2007 Belau Games! The highly anticipated Opening Ceremony will occur at the Palau National Track & Field on Friday, June 15, 2007, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

This grand event promises to kick off the games spectacularly, setting the stage for thrilling competition and camaraderie days.

Teams representing various states will assemble at the Track & Field parking area and then march to their designated seating areas on the bleachers. It’s a momentous occasion showcasing the unity and spirit of sportsmanship among athletes across Palau.

In the event of rain, fear not! The ceremony will be seamlessly moved to the Palau National Gymnasium, ensuring the festivities continue without interruption.

With 1,500 registered athletes, coaches, and officials eagerly awaiting the commencement of the games, the atmosphere is sure to be electric with excitement and anticipation.

Take advantage of this unforgettable start to the 2007 Belau Games. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and competition that unites us all. See you at the Opening Ceremony!

Belau Games State Representatives Meet with Chairman

Belau Games Chairman Topps Sungino recently chaired a crucial weekly meeting with State Representatives to ensure smooth preparations for the upcoming 2007 Belau Games.

Many important issues were discussed during the meeting, covering accreditation requirements and attendance protocols. Here are the critical points confirmed at the meeting:

  1. Deadline Extension: The deadline for registration by name has been extended to May 30th. This allows ample time for states to finalize their team rosters and ensure all participants are correctly registered.
  2. Penalty for Non-Attendance: States that fail to send a representative to the next meeting will be charged $25.00 for each missed meeting. All states need representation to stay informed and contribute to the planning process.
  3. Penalty for Changes in Registration: A penalty fee of $50.00 will be imposed after May 30th for any state that adds or removes a sport from their original registration by sport. This measure aims to ensure consistency and minimize disruptions to the event planning.

For more details and guidelines, interested parties are encouraged to review the Belau Games manuals available in the publication area. Please contact Chairman Topps Sungino at Tel: 488-4367 for any inquiries or clarification.

Additionally, a photo capturing the State representatives alongside Chairman Sungino and other NOC staff/officers was taken during the meeting, reflecting the collaborative spirit and dedication of all involved in the planning process for the 2007 Belau Games.


Shell Palau has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to sports development and the success of Team Palau by generously donating $30,000.00 US Dollars to the Palau National Olympic Committee.

This substantial contribution will support various initiatives, including Team Palau’s participation in the Samoa 2007 games, basketball programs, canoeing, and a special fund dedicated to elite athlete training outside Palau.

The Shell Palau Manager formally presented the donation at the Palau NOC Sports Award Dinner, where Team Palau athletes and officials were in attendance.

This significant gesture provides crucial financial support and serves as a testament to Shell Palau’s dedication to fostering athletic excellence and promoting sportsmanship in Palau.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Shell Palau for their continued partnership and commitment to sports development in Palau. Their generosity will undoubtedly make a meaningful impact on the lives of athletes and contribute to the success of Team Palau on the international stage.

PNOC Sports Award Banquet recognizes Community Partners

The Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC) hosted its Annual Sports Banquet, a special evening dedicated to celebrating the invaluable contributions of community partners in supporting Team Palau’s preparation for regional games and bolstering general sports programs facilitated by the NOC.

During this event, the Community Partners Awards and Recognition were presented to commend the efforts of several non-profit organizations that have demonstrated unwavering dedication and support:

  1. Ipeng Seineng of Koror
  2. Ngarametal
  3. Ekei Women’s Group
  4. Milad L’Dil
  5. Ngaraard Market
  6. Palau Saipan Association

These organizations were honored for their significant contributions and collaborative efforts in enhancing the training and participation of Team Palau in various regional games throughout 2006. Their commitment and partnerships have played a pivotal role in the success and advancement of Palau’s sporting endeavors, reflecting a shared commitment to excellence and community empowerment.

PNOC extends its heartfelt appreciation to these esteemed organizations for their ongoing support and invaluable contributions to sports development in Palau. Their dedication is a shining example of the positive impact that can be achieved through collective efforts and collaboration within the community.

Palau NOC Delegations Attended the Chef’s Meeting for the 2007 Games

Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC) President Frank Kyota, along with Deputy Chef de Mission for Team Palau 2007, Sinton Soalablai, PNOC Secretary General Baklai Temengil, and John Tarkong, Jr., President of the Oceania Wrestling Federation, actively participated in a series of meetings during the Chef de Mission meeting held in Apia, Samoa from March 19th to March 20th.

During the meetings, the delegates had the opportunity to engage with various sports officials at the Oceania level, discuss important matters with the games organizing committee, and inspect sports facilities, including the designated Team Palau village for the 2007 South Pacific Games.

A memorable moment captured during the visit was when President of PNOC, Frank Kyota, and Secretary General Baklai Temengil, along with students and the principal of Maris Brothers School in Maluvai, which served as the designated school village for Team Palau during the 2007 South Pacific Games.

The presence and active involvement of PNOC representatives in these meetings underscored Palau’s commitment to ensuring the successful participation of Team Palau in the South Pacific Games and fostering solid relationships with sports officials and stakeholders at the regional level.

Belau Games Set for June 15-24, 2007

The highly anticipated Belau Games dates have been officially confirmed for June 15-24, 2007, featuring 14 exciting sporting events. In preparation for this prestigious event, the Palau National Olympic Committee (NOC) Board Members held productive meetings with all 16 State Governors to discuss NOC activities for 2007, including plans for the upcoming Belau Games.

During these meetings, the NOC outlined its comprehensive programs encompassing local, regional, and international initiatives, receiving enthusiastic support and commitment from all State Governors.

This strong endorsement reflects Palau’s leadership’s collective dedication to advancing sports development and promoting healthy competition among its citizens.

Heading the Belau Games Organizing Committee is Chairperson Kazuki Topps Sungino, whose leadership and expertise will ensure the smooth execution of the event. For individuals seeking more information about the games, the NOC Office is readily available for inquiries at 488-6562.

Additionally, interested parties can access detailed information about the Belau Games 2007 by visiting the publication section of the NOC website and clicking on the dedicated Belau Games 2007 page.

With the support of the entire Palauan community and the diligent efforts of the NOC, the Belau Games 2007 promises to be a thrilling celebration of sportsmanship, unity, and athletic excellence. Let the countdown to this exciting event begin!

Merep Chef & Soalablai Deputy Chef for Team Palau 2007 Apia

As per President’s Directive 07-001, Minister Alexander Merep appointed the Chef De Mission and Mr. Sinton Soalablai as the Deputy Chef de Mission for Team Palau 2007 to the Pacific Games in Apia, Samoa. This appointment was made with the full support of the Palau National Olympic Committee (NOC) executive board members.

In light of this appointment, Team Palau had the honor of meeting with President Remengesau during the weekly press conference held on March 21st. Among the topics discussed were the composition of Team Palau, which comprises athletes from 10 different sports, and the budget required to facilitate the team’s participation in Apia, Samoa.

The estimated cost for Team Palau 2007 is approximately $400,000.00 US Dollars, covering various expenses such as travel, accommodation, and logistics. This budgetary allocation underscores the Palauan government’s and the NOC’s commitment to ensure that Team Palau is adequately supported and prepared to compete at the Pacific Games.

With Minister Alexander Merep and Mr. Sinton Soalablai at the helm, Team Palau is poised to represent the nation with pride, determination, and sportsmanship at the upcoming Pacific Games.

Their leadership, coupled with the unwavering support of President Remengesau and the NOC, will undoubtedly contribute to the success of Team Palau in Apia, Samoa.

United Kingdom (UK) International Sport Initiative

The UK Government is embarking on a significant international sports development initiative, with plans for the first phase to span two years and encompass five countries, each representing one of the Five Olympic regions.

In an exciting development, the Office of Minister Alexander Merep has received a letter from the Department of Sports and Culture of the UK Government, announcing that Palau has been selected as the first phase country in Oceania to implement this groundbreaking initiative.

This selection is a testament to Palau’s growing prominence in the international sporting community and underscores the nation’s commitment to the development and promotion of sports at a global level.

As part of this initiative, Palau will have the opportunity to collaborate closely with the UK Government to enhance its sports infrastructure, promote participation in sports among its citizens, and foster partnerships with other nations in the region.

Implementing this international sports development initiative holds immense potential for Palau, promising to impact both the grassroots and elite levels of sports positively. Through strategic planning, effective resource allocation, and collaboration with critical stakeholders, Palau can maximize the benefits of this initiative to advance its sporting landscape and achieve tremendous success in international competitions.

Minister Alexander Merep and the Office of Sports and Culture are poised to lead Palau’s efforts in this exciting endeavor, working hand in hand with the UK Government to realize the full potential of this transformative initiative.

With dedication, innovation, and collaboration, Palau is well-positioned to make significant strides in sports development and contribute meaningfully to the global sporting community.

Palau NOC Annual Held on December 12, 2006

The Palau National Olympic Committee and officers and members from all national sports federations convened for the 2006 Annual Meeting. The agenda for the meeting encompassed comprehensive reports from the NOC for the year 2006, as well as reports from individual sports federations detailing their respective activities and achievements.

Throughout the meeting, attendees had the opportunity to review and discuss the progress made in the realm of sports development in Palau and assess the challenges and opportunities encountered by the NOC and its affiliated federations over the past year. These discussions provided valuable insights into the state of sports in Palau and laid the groundwork for future initiatives and endeavors.

The annual meeting concluded with a reception graciously hosted by Shell Palau, providing a convivial setting for networking and camaraderie among attendees.

Furthermore, all meeting reports and supporting documents are readily available for reference in the PUBLICATION AREA of this site, ensuring transparency and accessibility to stakeholders and the public.

With the collective efforts and collaboration of the Palau National Olympic Committee, national sports federations, and supporting partners such as Shell Palau, Palau continues to make strides in promoting sports excellence and fostering a vibrant sporting culture within the nation.

2007 Samoa Games Information and Schedule

Team Palau 2007 has officially confirmed its participation in the 2007 Pacific Games, slated to occur in Samoa from August 24th to September 8th, 2007. This exciting announcement marks a significant milestone for Palau’s athletic community as athletes gear up to showcase their talents and compete on the regional stage.

For individuals seeking more detailed information on the 2007 Pacific Games and Team Palau’s participation, comprehensive resources are available in the Publication section of this site.

Here, visitors can access a wealth of information about the games, including schedules, event details, and updates on Team Palau’s preparations and achievements.

By providing easy access to pertinent information, the Publication section is a valuable resource for athletes, supporters, and stakeholders, fostering transparency and engagement within Palau’s sporting community. As Team Palau prepares to embark on this exciting journey, the nation stands behind them, united in pride and support for our talented athletes.

Together, let us cheer on Team Palau as they strive for excellence and proudly represent our nation on the regional stage at the 2007 Pacific Games in Samoa.

Palau NOC National Budget and Solidarity Allocation 2007

The Palau National Olympic Committee (NOC) recently presented its budget proposal for the Fiscal Year 2007 to the Senate leadership, outlining allocations for sports and NOC operations. The presentation was led by Palau NOC President Frank Kyota, accompanied by Alexander Merep, Chairman of 2006 Team Palau, and Secretary General Baklai Temengil.

During the budget hearing, the proposed budget for the Palau NOC was delineated, with $250,000.00 allocated for Team Palau’s participation in Samoa 2007 and $150,000.00 designated for Palau NOC General Operations.

Although the budget has been allocated, it is still pending approval in Congress.

Additionally, the Palau NOC Board has confirmed allocations for Olympic Solidarity Programs at the National Level. These funds are earmarked to support various sports programs, and all National Sports Federations are encouraged to apply for funding to support their activities in the coming year.

For more detailed information about the budget allocation for each National Sports Federation, interested parties would like to contact the Palau NOC directly. Through transparent budgeting and strategic allocation of resources, the Palau NOC remains committed to supporting sports development and fostering excellence among Palauan athletes on national and international platforms.

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