Belau Games

Koror State Champion for the 2007 Belau Games

Koror State Team took the Most Medals and Top Points State Team of the 2007 Belau Games. Koror State participated in all the sports events and the State provided strong support to their team providing greater opportunity to achieve more medals with high points based on the games point spread system. The Palau NOC and the Sports Federations congratulate Koror State Team for their achievements at this games. Peleliu State was the 2nd ranking State followed by Sonsorol State.

Belau Games Opening Ceremony set for June 15 @5:30pm

The Belau Games Opening Ceremony will be held at the Palau National Track & Field on Friday, June 15, 2007 at6:00pm to 7:00pm. The States Teams are to be assembled by the Track & Field parking area and will march to their seatings on the bleachers. In the event of rain – the ceremony will be moved to the Palau National Gymnasium. There are a total of 1,500 registered athletes, coaches and officials for the 2007 Belau Games.

Belau Games State Representatives Meet with Chairman

Belau Games Chairman Topps Sungino held the weekly meeting with the State Representatives in preparation of the States teams to the 2007 Belau Games. Issues at the meeting ranged from accreditation requirements to meeting attendance. The following were confirmed at this meeting. Deadline for registration by name is extended to May 30th. Those States not sending a representative to the next meeting will pay a penalty fee of $25.00 for each missed meeting. The penalty fee of $50.00 will apply after May 30th for any State that adds or take out a sport from their original registration by sport. For more information go to publication area and check out Belau Games manuals. Contact: Topps Sungino Tel: 488-4367 Photo: State representatives with Chairman Sungino and other NOC staff/officers


Shell Palau donated $30,000.00US Dollars to Palau National Olympic Committee to support Team Palau to Samoa 2007, Basketball Programs, Canoeing and a special fund for Elite Athlete training outside of Palau. Shell Palau Manager presented the check at the Palau NOC Sports Award Dinner to Team Palau Athletes and Officials. THANK YOU SHELL FOR YOUR COMMITMENT AND CONTINUED PARTNERSHIP. (PHOTO: Frank Kyota and athletes of Team Palau 2007)

PNOC Sports Award Banquet recognizes Community Partners

The Palau NOC Annual Sports Banquet celebrated community partners in recognizing the efforts and support of other non profit organizations that have contributed to Team Palau preparation to regional games as well as supported general sports programs throught the NOC. The Community Partners Awards and Recognition were presented to Ipeng Seineng of Koror, Ngarametal, Ekei Women’s Group, Milad L’Dil, Ngaraard Market and Palau Saipan Association. PNOC recognized the commitment and partnerships of these organizations to Team Palau in 2006.

Palau NOC Delegations attend Chef’s Meeting for 2007 Games

Palau NOC President Frank Kyota, Deputy Chef de Mission for Team Palau 2007, Sinton Soalablai, Palau NOC Sec. General Baklai Temengil and John Tarkong, Jr., President Oceania Wrestling Federation participated and attended series of meetings at the Chef de Mission meeting in Apia Samoa from 19-20 March. The delegates had the opportunity to meet various sports officials at the oceania level, meet with games organizing committee and visit sports facilities and the designated Team Palau village for the 2007 South Pacific Games. (Photo: President of Palau NOC Kyota and Sec. General Baklai Temengil with students and principal of Maris Brothers School in Maluvai – which is the designated school Village for Team Palau to the Games in 2007)

Belau Games Set for June 15-24, 2007

The Belau Games is now confirmed for June 15-24, 2007 with 14 sporting events. The Palau NOC Board Members met with all States Governors and presented to them the NOC activities for 2007 and the Belau Games. All 16 States were very keen and supportive of all NOC’s programs both local, regional and international programs. The Chairperson for the Belau Games Organizing Committee is Kazuki Topps Sungino. For more information about the games, please contact the NOC Office 488-6562 or go to the PUBLICATION of this site and click on Belau Games 2007 for information.

Merep Chef & Soalablai Deputy Chef for Team Palau 2007 Apia

Through the President’s Directive 07-001, Minister Alexander Merep was appointed Chef De Mission and Mr. Sinton Soalablai Deputy Chef de Mission for Team Palau 2007 to the Pacific Games in Apia Samoa. The selection were supported by the Palau NOC executive board members. Team Palau met with PResident Remengesau at the weekly press conference on 21st March. Issues discussed were the size of the Team Palau which comprise of 10 sports and the budget needed to bring the team to Apia Samoa. The estimated cost for Team Palau 2007 will be around $400,000.00US Dollars.

United Kingdom (UK) International Sport Initiative

The UK Government plans to implement a major international sport development initiative in various countries around the world. The UK Government now plans the first phase to run over two years in five countries, one in each of the Five Olympic regions. Through this initiative the Office of Minister Alexander Merep received a letter from the Department of Sports and Culture of UK Government announcing that Palau was selected as a first phase country of Oceania to implement the UK international sport development initiative. The aim is to visit participating countries so that UK Sport is able to develop a working relationship to produce a development plan, drawn up from a range of support measures, offered by UK Sport and their partners and to focus on four themes: Physical education and sport; sport development; development of children in schools and communities through sport, and sporting excellence. In the letter to Minister Merep from UK Department of Sports and Culture, the Honorable Tess Jowell stated “at the heart of this programme will be training and development of people – teachers, coaches, and adult volunteers, and also the children and young people whose lives can be so enriched and empowered by engagement in and learning through sport and play.” The Office of the Minister of Community & Cultural Affairs has discussed further this initiative with the Palau National Olympic Committee and has indicated combined efforts and resources to implement this initiative as proposed by the UK Government. This initiative is in touch with the International Olympic Committee to ensure plans complement the work of the IOC Solidarity and are compatible with the aims and values of the Olympic Movement. The Palau National Olympic Committee with the Office of the Ministry of Community & Cultural Affairs are the project coordinators and will begin working with the UK Sport to enhance sporting opportunities in Palau as part of this UK sport initiative.

Palau NOC Annual Held on December 12, 2006

The Palau National Olympic Committee and all national sports federations officers and members attended the 2006 Annual Meeting for the NOC. The meeting agenda covered all NOC reports of 2006, including reports of the individual sports federations. The annual meeting concluded with a reception hosted by Shell Palau.

2007 Samoa Games Information and Schedule

The Team Palau 2007 is confirmed to participate in the 2007 Pacific Games scheduled to be held in Samoa on 24 August to 8 September 2007. For more detailed information on the 2007 Pacific Games and 2007 Team Palau, please go to the Publication of this site. All information pertaining to the games and Team Palau are posted.

Palau NOC National Budget and Solidarity Allocation 2007

The Palau National Olympic Committee made their presentation to the Senate leadership on the Palau NOC and Sports Budget for Fiscal Year 2007. The Palau NOC President, Frank Kyota accompanied by Alexander Merep, Chairman of 2006 Team Palau and Secretary General, Baklai Temengil attended the budget hearing for sports and the NOC. The proposed budget for Palau NOC is $250,000.00 for Team Palau to Samoa 2007 and $150,000.00 for Palau NOC General Operations. The budget is allocated, but still pending in the Congress. For the Olympic Solidarity Programs at the National Level – allocations of funds to the various sports programs have been confirmed by the Palau NOC Board. All National Sport Federation can now apply toward their funding for next year’s activities. Please contact the Palau NOC for more information about budget for each National Sport Federation.

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