Inspiring the Pacific - Sally Pearson

Saturday, August 11, 2012

By Courtney Smyth of The Reporters' Academy

Sally Pearson was present on Wednesday at the Adidas Lounge in Stratford. After her gold medal win in the 100m hurdles and snatching the Olympic record, the media was keen to ask a few questions, including a positive message for her Pacific opponents.

Pearson had some inspiring words for some of the Pacific athletes, some of whom she trains with, including Papua New Guinean athlete, Toea Wisil

“There are some amazing athletes and they’re a true inspiration for me as well as I am for them, so it’s just a matter of sticking with it and enjoying it more than anything and just doing your best with whatever facilities you have.”

Buzzing after her victory, Pearson was excited to collect her medal later that night. She said that once she had that medal in her hands, it would all seem real.

It was a fantastic run and Pearson finished her 100 metre hurdles in only 12.35 seconds

It was close finish and there were a few seconds of uncertainty straight after the race where she had not known her placing. When she saw her name on the board, her reaction was unforgettable.

Presenting Sally with her gold medal were Oceania's own Kevan Gosper (IOC Member, Chairman of the Press Commission and the Oceania Foundation) and Geoff Gardiner (IAAF Council and Oceania Athletics President)