Tuvaluan Weightlifter sets New Record

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

By Matt Bowcott of The Reporters’ Academy – 30th July 2012

The Excel Arena played host to the Men’s 62kg Weightlifting on Day 3 of the London Olympics, Tuvalu’s Weightlifter Tuau Lapua Lapua, took to the floor as Tuvalu’s only weightlifter in the Olympics and is the first to compete out of the team. Tuau spoke about being the first to compete “I am excited, to compete I have waited for this and want to do my country proud.” “The crowd give me so much confidence, when I get a green light, I hear the crowd cheering, it’s a great feeling.”

For Tuau the competition started well with two easy clears in the Snatch at 104kg and 108kg, his 3rd attempt however was given the red light by the referees at the weight of 111kg. Taua described how the 3rd lift wasn’t right for him, “For me I didn’t get into the right position, and my footing was wrong and I need to improve on that”. Going into the Clean & Jerk Taua was 5th in the standings and told us that “I had to get into my zone; I have to focus and forget my 3rd attempt.”

Coming out for the 2nd half of the competition, the audience were even more behind the athletes, and when Tuau’s name was read, the crowd welcomed him to the floor and he successfully completed his three Clean and Jerk lifts, reaching an end weight of 135kg, meaning after both sections of the competition Tuau had a total of 243kg a new Personal Best “I am so happy to get a new personal best and in the Olympic Games is even better.”

Going away from the competition Tuau can take away a lot of positives, about how he has competed in his first Games, and he is now looking ahead to Rio “I believe If I train, I can do better in Rio, I have loved it here.”

Video by Matt Bowcott